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All You Need To Know About Tool Theft & GPS Tool Tracking

Tool theft in the UK is probably more prevalent than you think, don't become a victim.

If you're tools are stolen, you could lose your hard earned money, not to mention losing out on your livelihood.

Read our FAQ's on tool theft and GPS Tooltrackers.

GB Crime Map

UK Tool Theft

The Shocking Statistics

On average, tool theft costs victims in excess of £3000, including replacing tools and loss of earnings.

In a recent survey of 1000 tradesmen by Simply Business, 37% have been a victim of tool tool theft, with over 6 in ten having a friend or colleague who have.

How Much Does Tool Theft Cost?

The average cost to replace stolen tools is £870
The average loss of earnings can be a staggering £1000+

Does Tool Theft Affect Work?

72% of tradesmen surveyed said they were forced to take time off work, with a quarter saying they couldn't work for several days.

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GPS Tooltracker Batteries FAQ's

How long does the battery last ?

Our batteries are a high power 12000 mAH Lithium manganese.They last for 3 years without recharging. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to recharge. After this return the battery to us with a prepaid shipping label we supply and we will happily recharge it for you .

Do I need to purchase a sim card ?

No. You do not have to purchase a sim card. Our trackers are supplied with an active sim inserted and ready to go.

Can I take the tracker out of its battery casing ?

No . We ask you kindly not to remove the tracker from the casing. This limits any potential damage caused by removing and as such will void the warranty.

What alarms can I set?

Depending on what level subscription you have purchased you are able to set the following alarms

  • Vibration Alarm 
  • Movement Alarm 
  • SMS Alarm Switch 
  • Geofence
  • Anti Tamper alarm