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GPS Tooltracker makes use of our revolutionary Countermeasure System. This includes a secure login area with intuitive dashboard.

Simply log in to your account and deploy your Countermeasure for instant, up to date information, including GPS tracking, battery status and last known address of your tools.

Print reports, notify authorities and produce insurance friendly documents at the touch of a button with Countermeasure.

monitoring interface

Realtime Tracking

Live, Pin Point location at your fingertips

The GPS Tooltracker Countermeasure system offers an up to the minute, pinpoint location of your tools using military grade GPS systems.

Rest assured, should your tools go missing, you'll have industry leading tracking at your fingertips, using a multiple satellite setup with phone mast fall backs. Simply log in to your GPS Tooltracker account, deploy Countermeasure (with just one click) and your tool tracking information is delivered instantly to your dashboard.

Effective Tool Recovery

Thanks to the accuracy of our GPS tracking, in most cases a police warrant can be issued, meaning your tools can be recovered by police.

Generating a report will identify the location of the tracker according to the daily GPS or Land based cell towers calculation A more detailed analysis of the signal may be required to pinpoint the trackers exact location and we here at GRS Countermeasure are able to assist the user in conducting this analysis.


Intuitive Dashboard

Realtime Information With Clear Displays

At GPS Tooltracker we understand the importance of easy to use system; when you're tools go missing, there's no room for long winded logins and processing.

Our Countermeasure system offers a intuitive dashboard design, giving you all the information you need, clearly and concisely.

Perfect For Site Security

As a site foreman, it's reassuring to know you have a security measure up your sleeve, ready to deploy, anytime, to catch thieves on site; the ultimate anti-theft system.

Theft Deterrent

On Site Signage To Deter Thieves

Using our CCTV style warning signs, you can reduce tool theft by making would be thieves aware that tools are being tracked.

GPS OCountermeasure in Operation