Only £4.99 per month
Choose your GPS Device
Track your tools, anywhere

Have you had enough
of tool Theft?

We Have!

If you store tools in a Van, Site or home

- This product is for you!

The Industry has had enough, so we have
developed a full tracking and reporting
subscription based system to monitor,
track and locate your tools, in real time.

TAX-01 (1) (1)

A 24/7 tool tracking
subscription system

With 24/7 real time tracking of your tools comes peace of mind. A simple press of a button locates your tools in seconds. We believe this is a game changer.


Military grade precision
software and GPS

Combining advanced military grade GPS technology within a fully covert tracking system,this revolutionary product is not reliant on weak BlueTooth signal strength or user connectivity


Generate police report
in seconds

A full report of pictures, proof of ownership and a map with location of where your tools are! Just hit the deploy button and it will email it out.


Just 16p
a day

For just 16p a day track your stolen tools to retrieve them using our track and locate service from your mobile!


I’ve just recently purchased a tool tracker and I’m well impressed. I had about 6 grand worth of tools stolen not long back and I wish I had brought one earlier. The insurance I had didn’t cover the loss. What these guys have created here is amazing. Ive been testing out their location report and its bang on every time.

Would definitely recommend.
Cheers, Tim

UKL Trades Ltd

Great product! Really happy with my tracker. I bought the Dewalt looking one and its spot on. Their website has an easy to use login and tool inventory section ,which is ideal for keeping a record of my tools.

Works every time 🙂 and very accurate .
Thanks, UKL Trades Ltd

J&S Carpentry

Wish I had one of these last year when all my tools where stolen! I’m surprised a product like this hasn’t been done before. Worked straight out the box perfectly which was very impressive.Came with a card with my username and password, which is handy. I deployed the tracker after logging in and it located my tools in a second. It’s very reassuring to know if they ever get stolen I can call on this.

Thank you
J&S Carpentry



The Countermeasure For Total Peace Of Mind

Keep On Top Of Your Tool Whereabouts

The GPS Tooltracker is just that; our discreet GPS tracking systems, designed to replicate power tool batteries are a 'fit and forget' solution. With a GPS Tooltracker in your toolbox, you'll be able to keep a real time check on your power tools to prevent loss and theft.

Military Grade GPS & Realtime Tracking

Unlike Bluetooth tracking, which is limited on range and battery life, the GPS Tooltracker encorporates military grade GPS, with a secure mast based back up system. This means tracking range is effectively global, with tracking delivered in realtime through our Countermeasure dashboard.


4 Band Communication Chip

Our 4 band communication chip can provide information over varying frequencies, meaning you'll never be left without the vital information you need.

3 Year Standby

Our robust, hard wearing Lithium 3D battery design offers a three year standby time when left dormant. This means you can add your GPS Tooltracker into your toolset and forget.

Thief Proof Replicas

Our GPS Tooltrackers are available in close replicas of all industry leading power tool batteries including DeWalt, Milwaukee and Makita. We've developed our battery designs to be unrecognisable to the naked eye, meaning they'll fit in to any tool box.

makita 1

10 Year GPS Tracking

The Ultimate 'Fit & Forget' Tracker

Our discreet, long life 10 year tracker provides the same accurate GPS tracking capabilities as our batteries, with a 10 year standby time, making it the ultimate fit and forget tracker. Ideal for larger assets such as site equipment, plant machinery and containers.

Global, Realtime Tracking

The whole GPS Tooltracker range includes our intuitive 'Countermeasure' system, providing up to the minute tracking, accurate to within 5M, globally.

Keep your assets safe, secure and more easily recoverable.